Philly’s Paid Over $6 Million for Snow Cleanup

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Jodie Patkus

Last week, we told you about the financial toll this winter’s snowstorms are taking on our area.

Well, the numbers are in: $6 million for snow cleanup this year, according to the Philadelphia Daily News. And that doesn’t count last week’s monster storm; those numbers won’t be out until later this week. But when asked if she expected that job to be another “couple million,” Philadelphia Streets Commissioner Clarena I.W. Tolson said, "Another couple? That's so funny."

The money has gone towards overtime, salt, and contractors, according to the report.

The scary part: winter is far from over, and there’s another storm expected to run through Tuesday. $6 million is already a third of what was spent to handle last year’s historic snowfall.

Last month, Philadelphia received $1.8 million in federal aid to help with costs, the article says.

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