4 Arrested in Elaborate Prison Break Plot: Cops

Police arrested four people who they say were involved in a massive prison break scheme.

Police arrested two prison imates who allegedly tried to escape and two women who allegedly tried to help them.

Shamek Hynson and Saleem Williams are two inmates at the Chester County Prison and are both awaiting trial for unrelated homicide charges. Investigators also say Jameela Rozier and Sara-Anne Lombardo were connected to the two inmates.

Investigators say they were first alerted to a prison break plot back on November 5 after a Chester County Prison Captain intercepted an envelope that Hynson mailed to Lombardo. Investigators say the envelope included several other envelopes as well as an enclosed letter. According to the affidavit, the letter asked Lombardo to mail the envelopes to several people so that he and Williams could receive money from them after they went into hiding.

After viewing the letter , investigators say they began to listen to several prison telephone calls as well as recorded visits from Hynson and Williams that occurred from September to November. According to the affidavit, the messages revealed an elaborate scheme that involved the two women breaking the inmates out by shattering protective glass in a prison visiting area and handing them a gun.

On November 20, Chester County detectives interviewed Rozier. They say she admitted to knowing about the planned escape from the Chester County Prison. Rozier allegedly admitted that she and Lombardo went to a hardware store where they bought a center punch they planned to use to break the visitation window, allowing Hynson and Williams to escape. Police say Rozier also claimed Hynson gave Lombardo money to buy a gun they would use in the escape. The prisoners then planned to flee to Mexico after escaping the prison, according to investigators.

That same day, detectives also interviewed Lombardo who they claim confirmed Rozier’s claims.
Hynson, Williams, Rozier and Lombardo were all arrested. NBC10 is working to learn the specific charges against them.

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