3 “Shocked” Trying to Retrieve Keys From Roof

Three people, who neighbors say were trying to retrieve keys that had been tossed onto a roof, were "shocked" after the ladder fell onto some power lines.

The victims are identified as Selina Walker, Julio Figueroa and Frank Goldberg.

Gabrielle Berki, who is Walker's friend, says that the 18-year-old girl recruited two neighbors to help her retrieve her mom's keys from the top of their Bellmawr apartment complex.

"Her mom and I guess the boyfriend got into an argument and I guess he got mad and threw the keys on top of the roof," said Berki.

Witnesses say before Walker and those two neighbors even made it to the roof, the ladder they were using fell onto some nearby power lines.

PSE&G tells NBC10 the voltage on those power lines is 7600 volts.

"They all fell really slow," said Justin Colon, Walker's brother, who also says he could have been hurt if his sister didn't switch places with him.

"It (ladder) was sitting on the wire and I was holding it. When I was holding it, she took it from me," said Colon. "My sister pretty much, I guess you could say, saved my life."

All three victims are in critical condition at Cooper University Hospital.

"She is moving when she hears our voice, so we're just praying for the best," Patricia Martinez, Walker's cousin.

NBC10 also talked with Figueroa's son, who says the family was supposed to celebrate his dad's 64th birthday tomorrow.

"She wanted to help her mom," said Berki, who said she broke down crying when she heard about what happened.

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