2nd Grader Hands out Heroin at School; Dad Arrrested

If he's guilty as charged, Robert Parks won't be up for any father of the year awards. His little boy, just 7 years old, showed up at school earlier this week with bags of white powder and shared them with some other students. He may have thought it was candy.

It was heroin.

The second grader handed the bags out to 4 other students at the McDaniel School at 23rd & Mifflin Sts.in South Philadelphia, according to investigators.

One of those students opened the packet, tasted the powder and spit it right out.

That student's mother, Wydeeya Griffin, said her son told her he ate the drugs because he thought it was candy.

At that point, a teacher noticed what was going on, took the bags from the students and sent the kids to the school nurse. The nurse evaluated them and called 9-1-1.

Four students were taken to CHOP to be checked out and watched for awhile. It turned out they were fine.

Philly police confiscated the powder, tested it and determined it was heroin.

Parks, the boy's father, was the next day. He's been charged with Possession, Endangering the Welfare of a Child, and other related offenses.

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