2 Police Officers Injured in Car Accident

Two police officers were injured in a car accident in the Logan section of the city Tuesday afternoon.

Officials say the officers were responding to reports of an aggravated assaultand a juvenile having a seizure. As they drove southbound on the 1600 block of Louden around 1:45 p.m., their vehicle collided with a 2006 BMW traveling eastbound on Belfield Avenue.

Both officers suffered concussions while one officer also suffered a broken leg. They were both taken to the Einstein Medical Center for treatment.

The driver and passenger of the BMW, two Temple University students, were not hurt. The driver of the BMW, who identified himself as "Trevor," insisted the crash wasn't his fault.

"I definitely had the green light," Trevor said. "The light was green, I was coming through pretty reasonably and they just came out of an area on my left and just smacked into me. I'm a little shaken up obviously after getting hit by a cop car. I hope I get my car paid for because this wasn't my fault."

Denise Harris, who says she witnessed the crash, has a different story however.

"The cop was coming from one way, coming down towards the block," Harris said. "He put on his sirens and as soon as he came across, the car [[BMW]] was coming from the other way and hit him."

Police continue to investigate the accident.

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