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19 Specialized Teachers to Be Reinstated in Upper Darby

A final approved budget was announced on Tuesday night



    Anger in Upper Darby

    The Upper Darby School board voted on the final budget Tuesday night. While some specialty teachers in the Upper Darby School District will be reinstated, parents and students say the final budget does not do enough. (Published Tuesday, June 26, 2012)

    A huge gathering Tuesday night inside the Upper Darby Performing Arts Center to find out the results of a final vote on proposed district cutbacks.

    From the 57 furloughed teachers, 19 will be re-instated. 15 are music, arts, and physical education elementary school teachers, two are middle school foreign language teachers, and two are middle school technology teachers.

    "Library has not been mentioned at all. And so there will be one librarian in an entire district in many thousands of children and none at the elementary school level which is incredibly disheartening," Tara Torello-McClanahan, district librarian told NBC10's Rosemary Connors.

    The school district is hoping to receive $2 million in funds from the state, but the school board couldn't guarantee that will happen. If those funds are granted, the rest of the furloughed teachers will be re-instated.

    While the cuts aren't as drastic as originally projected, many parents and students are still disappointed with the board's decision.

    "I think there are better ways to handle this situation," said Zoe Gray, sixth grader.