12-Year-Old Steals Rental Car Off Upper Darby Lot: Cops

Police are also investigating the boy's 10-year-old friend in connection with the crime.

Two boys -- 10 and 12 years old -- are accused a stealing an SUV from a rental car agency in Upper Darby.

Police say they came into the Enterprise Rent-A-Car on Garrett Road last Friday, and stole a set of car keys under the pretense that they were in there waiting for their grandfather.

That night, according to police, the boys went back and drove away in a Mazda SUV. They came back a second time on Saturday night and crashed a second car that they were trying to drive off the lot, police say.

"You know, the tragedy is, they are 12 and 10. What are they gonna be doing at 14 and 15," said Police Superintendent Michael Chitwood.

The boys' capers were caught on surveillance camera, according to Chitwood. When the kids were brazen enough to come back a third time, the manager and a patrol officer chased them down. Police say they found the Mazda SUV parked across the street from the 10-year-old's home.

The 12-year-old is facing multiple charges. The younger child has not been charged.

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