11 Days Later, Woman Finally Becomes Delaware's First Affordable Care Enrollee

It took about 11 days, but this week Delaware got its first Affordable Care Act enrollee.

Janice Baker and her husband own a kennel in Selbyville, Sussex County, Del., but they couldn't afford private benefits anymore. Baker is too young for Medicare, but she has preexisting conditions.

After lots of tries online and hours on the phone, she finally got a plan that she says should be good for her. It will even save her $150 a month compared to her old plan.

She advises everyone to be patient with the enrollment process and not to give up.

"It was very frustrating but I had kind of expected it. I certainly hope they get the glitches worked out and people see that it is a Godsend to people like me," she said. "I don't know what I would have done otherwise."

Delaware officials say they wish the rollout was going a bit smoother, but they say they are at the mercy of the federal government on this one.

"Our hope would have been that the roll out would have been much smoother. Day in and day out we are still hearing frustration from the consumers," said Rita Landgraf with Delaware Health and Social Services.

Delawareans have to actually sign up for coverage on a federal website and that has been the problem for folks.

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