Be a 10: Meet Hughe

Hughe Dillon is a paralegal by day and Philly's who's who photographer-blogger by night

Hi I’m Hughe Dillon. I’m a paralegal by day, but at night I photograph the who's who of Philadelphia for my blog,

I live in the Art Museum section of Philadelphia. As the traveling paralegal for The Firm, then creating the online social diary, I slowly packed on the pounds and stopped exercising.

Recently, my sister was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer and she asked me to take care of my health and lose some weight.

That conversation along with the fact that it is becoming increasingly harder to keep up with the demands of my nighttime career (photographing folks or celebrities where you have to stand on ladders or walk quickly, usually backwards) has motivated me to get back into shape.

My goal is to lose about 50 pounds to start, and eventually 80 pounds.

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Hughe is blogging about his challenge on PhillyChitChat and his post one week in says he lost five pounds! You can also follow him on Twitter.

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