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11 Probable Swine Flu Cases at La Salle U



    11 Probable Swine Flu Cases at La Salle U
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    Eleven La Salle University students came down with “probable mild cases” of Swine Flu in the past week, says school administration. Eight of those students have been sent home.

    The first student to develop symptoms was sent home last Thursday, and the others followed over the past seven days, according to Amy Cranston, university spokeswoman.

    In order to return to the school, the students have to be symptom-free for 24 hours. Those who live too far to go home are being isolated in their dorms, with staff delivering food and care, La Salle's dean of students said.

    La Salle still does not have Swine Flu test kits, so students are being told to call the student health center and describe their symptoms to an employee.

    The university Web site provides a breakdown of Swine Flu symptoms that students can peruse.