We Wish You a Greener Christmas!

10 Green Holiday Gifts

Green is the new black, so why not spread some environmentally friendly cheer this season?

We found 10 cool, unique, and affordable gifts that will make friends, family, and Mother Nature smile!

The Gift of Fizz

Who doesn’t love a little holiday bubbly? We found a fun green gift that won’t fall flat. The Sodastream is an at-home soda machine that turns plain old tap water into sparkling water, or you can add in favoring to make a cola, root beer or something exotic like apple mango.

It’s an “active” green product because consumers reduce their carbon footprint every time they use it by reducing the number of water bottles and soda cans used. And this product gets bonus points since no batteries or electricity is needed.

More Info: Sodastream.com

Organic Bubbles

If you’re looking for a bubbly that packs a little more punch, we found some organic champagnes. Korbel makes a California Brut Champagne that’s made entirely with organically grown grapes.

The Korbel Winery also focuses on land conservation and recycling, so cheers to that!

More Info: Korbel.com

Sweet Music

Have a music lover in your life? This boom box is sweeeeeet!

It’s made from recycled candy boxes. You plug in your iPod, mp3 player or computer and you’re ready to rock out.

More Info: UrbanOutfitters.com


Wanna make all of the other Christmas trees green with envy?

Check out these unique ornaments. The Eco Mele Ornaments are crafted from upcycled upholstery leather and are hand-stamped with chalk ink.

More Info: Etsy.com

Green Is Good

Another green idea is to cut back on “stuff” that requires manufacturing, packaging and transporting. Gift the gift of fun instead. There are tons of fun places in our area like the aquarium, the zoo or the River Rink that sell passes and yearly memberships.

More Info:
Adventure Aquarium
Philadelphia Zoo
River Rink

That’s a Wrap

If you are giving a gift that needs to be wrapped, why not use a reusable bag? The person can re-use the bag over and over again and there’s no waste. This website has lots of cool patterns and sizes:

More Info: ReuseIt.com

Kid Recycling

Have a little one to buy for? We found a recycled recycling truck! This cool little truck is made from recycled milk containers. What a great way to teach kids about creative recycling.

More Info: GreenToys.com

Kris Kindle

Is there a bookworm on your list? The Kindle is a pretty hot green gadget this year. This wireless reader lets the user download books, magazines, newspapers, and blogs. It downloads books in under a minute and can store over 3,000 of them.

More Info: Amazon.com

Naughty and Nice Knitting

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but knitting needles are a close second, right?

This cool necklace is made from recycled anodized aluminum rods and tubes. The artist’s self proclaimed “passion for sustainability” shines through in these works of art!

More Info: AmyJewelry.com

Recycled Socks

And there’s always that practical person on your list who asks for socks, slippers, or undies. These cute slippers are made from recycled wool socks. They’re warm, practical and eco-friendly. As for undies…yeah, we’re not going there!

More Info: Etsy.com

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