2 Philly Grocery Stores Use Sanitizing Stations to Keep Carts Clean

Two Philly grocery stores are using a cool and creative way to keep shoppers safe; sanitizing stations for grocery carts and baskets. 

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Noticed a cool contraption outside South Square and Rittenhouse markets in Center City? It’s not there just because it looks cool. It’s actually a creative way to keep shoppers safe amid the coronavirus pandemic. 

Both markets, located on 22nd and South streets and 18th and Spruce streets, created sanitizing stations to clean grocery carts and hand baskets. The stations include soap and water buckets as well as a rinse bucket and sanitizing bin. 

With grocery stores considered an essential business and remaining open after the recent lockdowns, we’re hoping other grocery stores in the area follow suit. It helps out shoppers and it’s awesome to look at. 

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