Last Night a DJ Saved–My Career

Local radio station could find you a job

Indeep had the right idea with "Last Night a DJ Saved My Life", but now a local radio station could really save your life if you're unemployed, struggling to make ends meet.

Now, we all know we have to “sell” ourselves during an interview. And Philly’s WDAS 105.3 is taking “selling yourself” to a whole new level.

The station is giving away five ad spots a week to folks who are unemployed and looking for a new gig (which would cost the average advertiser $5,000!). If you are chosen as a winner, you get to advertise yourself on-air with a Radio Resume—you basically describe your qualifications and experience.

The radio station will also post your resume on their Web site.

And they’re picking all types of professions.  This week’s winners included Roslyn Davis, a technical trainer and Shannon Bellamy, an administrative professional.

The ads are about 20 seconds long and you get to record them yourself. Get that radio voice ready!

All you have to do to enter is fill out a form stating why a Radio Resume would benefit you.

Good luck!

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