Here's What Your Budget Should Look Like If You Make $40,000 Per Year

A simple spreadsheet is all you need to create a budget.

There are countless free or affordable tools if you prefer tech-savvy solutions, but the 50-30-20 rule can be a quick and easy option to get your finances under control.

And it's pretty straightforward: You split your money between your needs, wants and savings, according to those ratios.

Don't be discouraged if your categories don't add up at first. The more you track your spending and keep an eye on it, the better you'll be at getting more out of your money.

Here's a case study.

CNBC crunched the numbers, and we can give you an idea of what your budget should look like if you make $40,000 per year. Check out this video for a step-by-step guide to making a budget that will work for you.

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