It's Not Twitter, It's Not Facebook, It's Nixle

A new community information service provider based in South Jersey is going national.

Nixle, the private online service provider from Mount Laurel, N.J. extended services to 15 large cities across the country including Baltimore, Los Angeles and Chicago, they announced Monday.

But, what about Philly?

Philadelphia is not one of the cities using the South Jersey and California-based Nixle. But, there are discussions to bring their services in the near future, said spokesperson Andy Gotlieb.

Nixle does, though, serve many New Jersey and Pennsylvania locations and they already serve nearby Voorhees Police Department.

The founder and CEO of Nixle Craig Mitnick, a former South Jersey lawyer and Fox TV News analyst, launched the service back in February.

Nixle’s main goal is to provide secure and reliable communication.

They send alerts to cell phones via text messages and to personal e-mail accounts only about the towns the users designate when they create their account. Its authenticated service also provides information to local police departments, city and municipal government and their local agencies.

About 800 towns and cities have already signed on with Nixle in the last four months and 20,000 people have registered for alerts, with more joining daily, said a Nixle official.

“We are honored that so many municipalities are recognizing the importance of our service as quickly as they are,” said Mitnick.

“Law enforcement and community agencies across the country recognize the value of a safe and secure way to communicate to their residents in real time,” he said.

Nixle differs from current social-networking services such as Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter. Nixle, unlike those other services, offers services for authorized users only. Only registered groups can send messages on Nixle to avoid any false scares.

“Current social networking services are not built on authenticated and secure foundations, which translates to a bombshell waiting to explode when it comes to public safety information,” Mitnick said .

“When it comes to public safety information, you have to trust the source. With Nixle you will,” he said. 

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