Goodbye, Summer! 15 Resources for a Great Labor Day Weekend.

Labor Day is one of those holidays no one seems to really know much about, but we celebrate and enjoy it nonetheless. In the United States we celebrate it at a different time of the year than other countries, and we have transformed it into an unofficial end of summer. So with a winter that people predict may end up being a nasty one, why not go all out this year? Throw a party, make some decorations, learn about the history of the holiday and more using these 15 resources.

Mashable hopes you have a great Labor Day weekend!
Food - Lots of fun recipes and how-to videos on things like campfire favorites, making homemade ice cream, cutting watermelons and more. - A large selection from lite variety of artichoke dishes to pulled pork BBQ sandwiches - they have it all covered. - Typically known more for their decorating tips, FamilyCorner offers up a nice selection of recipes perfect to cap off your summer this weekend. - Watch videos from Sandra Lee with some of her favorite late summer recipes, tons of grilling suggestions, easy picnic recipes and of course some mixed drink ideas thrown in for good measure. - Offers up several menu suggestions from vegetarian to gourmet and everything in between. - Has numerous picnic and to-go recipes from the site itself to those submitted by members. A little something here no matter what your taste may be.
History - The United States Department of Labor gives you a historical overview of the holiday from its founder up through the passing of the law that made it into the official holiday we all know today. - The well-known business publication talks about the history of a day set aside to celebrate the people who do all of the work. - Of course has a history of the holiday. Learn what it’s really about, take polls, watch videos and much more. - Since the day is all about labor, why not take a look back at the history of labor? Wonder what the minimum wage rate has been over the years? Infoplease has the answer. - Information from the United States government about the history of the holiday, information for traveling, history of labor unions and more.
Decorations & Entertaining - Built for teachers to use with students, they can learn about Labor Day, enjoy printable activities, coloring pages and more. - Ideas for menus, games, party favors, information on the holiday and a whole lot more. - Print out paper dolls for people in different professions as well as paper hats so kids can act out their dream jobs. - Martha focuses on decorating ideas geared towards the end of summer, but seeing as Americans consider this the unofficial end of the season, it only makes sense.

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