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Philly's 'Outfitters' Opens 1st Location in New State



    Philly's 'Outfitters' Opens 1st Location in New State
    Francis Hilario
    Urban Outfitters opening in Oklahoma.

    Philadelphia-based retailer Urban Outfitters is opening its first store in the Sooner State. The company will be opening a two-story, 9,000-square-foot location at 3340 S. Peoria Ave. in Tulsa, Okla., reports KRMG, an Oklahoma radio station. The location is scheduled top open February next year.

    [Henry Aberson of Aberson Developments] said he had been in contact with Urban Outfitters for seven years, working with three different groups of people trying to bring the retailer to Tulsa, [Okla.]

    "They are ready, and we have found the location that is very urban-like, and they love the area; they love the building," Aberson said.

    Urban Outfitters also has locations in Texas, Missouri, New Mexico and Colorado. Read more at