IMAGES: Pilgrims Ready for Pope’s Mass on The Parkway

Pilgrims pack the Benjamin Franklin Parkway in Philadelphia for Sunday's Mass by Pope Francis -- his last public event during his U.S. tour.

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People cheer as they gather along Benjamin Franklin Parkway ahead of a Mass to be led by Pope Francis on September 27, 2015 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Pope Francis is on the final day of his trip to the United States and will conduct Mass and meet with organizers, volunteers and benefactors of the World Meeting of Families before returning to Rome this evening.
Morgan Zalot
David Korczakowski, mom Kathleen Korczakowski and neighbor Ashley Orehek head toward the Parkway ahead of Pope Francis' Sunday public Mass. They said seeing the pope is a once in a lifetime experience and said they were glad to hear the pope met with victims of clergy sexual abuse on Sunday, because the church needs healing.
People wait along the route that Pope Francis will ride to Mass in the Popemobile along Benjamin Franklin Parkway.
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Pennsylvania State Troopers walk in formation where Pope Francis will ride to Mass in the Popemobile along Benjamin Franklin Parkway on September 27, 2015 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Morgan Zalot
Pilgrims pick up free Wawa water bottles in front of Philadelphia's Municipal Services Building ahead of afternoon papal Mass.
Morgan Zalot
Pope Francis at LOVE Park welcome center.
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Security check points are located throughout the area where Pope Francis will ride to Mass.
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People are screened at a security checkpoint as they arrive to watch Pope Francis ride to Mass in the Popemobile.
Morgan Zalot
Some people post up by a Jumbotron ahead of papal Mass, while others stream toward Parkway.
Lauren Mayk
Ambulance trying to make its way through the crowd of Pilgrims in Philadelphia two hours before Pope Francis is expected to celebrate Sunday Mass.
Lauren Mayk
An hour-and-a-half before Mass was scheduled to begin, some lines began to thin as people decided to move to a Jumbotron.
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