Zombies Invade Philadelphia

Because star-crossed lovers aren't scary enough

Nothing says 'Will You Be Mine' more than a celebration of the undead. Of course, in this case, 'Will You Be Mine' may precede you getting mauled or your brain getting eaten but it still can be considered romantic in a twisted, nightmarish way.

In case you aren't up-to-date on your latest zombie calendar, Friday is the kick-off of Zombiedelphia Month at the Plays & Players Theater in Center City. To commemorate the 510th anniversary of the zombie plague in England (does Hallmark make a card for that?), the theater has put together a month of zombie-related activities. Tonight, they kick things off with a free zombie makeup workshop (you should definitely show up at your date's door with the makeup still on tomorrow night). After which, ghouls will be unleashed upon bars around Center City for the zombie pub crawl, terrorizing lovers on their way home from a romantic dinner. Sounds like something straight out of a horror movie, doesn't it?

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