Zach Efron Makes Us Feel “17 Again”

Zach Efron gets his very own starring role in “17 Again," a cute film reminiscent of "BIG" that opens in theaters today throughout the country. Though the movie is slight to say the least, but Zach’s charm and glistening abs sure do carry the production a long way.

The film wastes very little time getting to the hook. After a brief opening in which a teenage Mike O’ Donnell (Efron) is shown blowing the big game to be with his girlfriend, reality sets in.

Flash-forward twenty years and grown-up Mike (Matthew Perry) is absolutely miserable. He ended up marrying his high school sweetheart Scarlet (Leslie Mann), but has grown to resent her and the fact he never went to college or did anything important with his life. He’s not exactly a good father either, seeing as his children hardly even muster the energy to speak to him.

Things obviously change when a mysterious, magical janitor befriends Mike while he stops by his old high school to reminisce. Before anyone can say “Peggy Sue Got Married," Mike is granted the chance to become 17 again and do his life over, the right way.

Everyone has seen this story a dozen times before, but all eyes are on Efron. This is his show, and the question is, does he pull it off? That answer is an unquestionable, yes. He absolutely oozes charisma and confidence, as well as impeccable comedic timing. This should be the movie that establishes him as a movie star instead of a teen idol.

Let’s just put it this way; The 11 year old girls at the screening were smitten. As were the adult women...and some of the men. Check out “17 Again” for a feel good film and lots of Zach Efron.


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