What You're Doing Tonight, 5/11

KICKIN' IT OL' SCHOOL: Back 2 Basics is back at Silk City Lounge. Come see international D.J. King Britt, D.J. Dozia and Ron Clark spin some of your favorite old school classics. The best part is that the Back 2 Basics band has been known to have some of Philly's best musicians roll through such as ?uest love (The Roots) and Jill Scott. Rockin' music, possible local celebrity sightings and only $8 all night. Back 2 Basics, Silk City Lounge, 9 p.m.
SCIENCE ON TAP:  We know you wouldn't normally pair science and alcohol together, but it could be interesting, eh?  We bet you always wondered how tortoises got their shells or how finches got their beaks. Now you can find out. Dr. Scott Gilbert, professor of biology at Swarthmore College and Wagner Free Institute advisory council member, will tell you how animals and plants were developed and how they've evolved while you down pints.  This is the second Science on Tap for National Mechanics, be sure to follow up next month as well.  Science on Tap, National Mechanics, 6 p.m., Free. 
SING YOUR WEARY HEART OUT:  Whether it's the Monday blues that has you down or you're just plain down, sing your heart out Upstairs at Khyber.  DJ Sara Serr has you covered with some of your favorite tunes.  Bring a group of friends and make it not your usual Monday night. Grab a drink and pretend it's Friday as you sing to some Aretha or Cher. Khyber, 9 p.m., Free (21+). 

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