Somebody's Watching You

Video Scanners can tap into your security

Just imagine, someone being able to see into your life without anyone knowing.  And, if you think that’s terrible, how about if your precious moments were no longer so private?

That’s all possible now with a little gadget called a video scanner that can hunt down security cameras and pick up their signal. Basically, you can see what the security camera can see.

When I first heard about the device I had to check it out, see if it really worked.

Ever hear of It’s a Web site where you can buy all the latest and hottest spy technology from hidden cameras to phone recorders to vehicle tracking tools to voice changers. You can even buy counter surveillance devices (A.K.A the video scanner).

I borrowed a video scanner from the Philly Spy shop and just moments after turning it on, wow!  I was both stunned and surprised.

Right out of thin air the monitor captured video from several wireless cameras within a two-block radius, all businesses. All I had to do was walk down the street and let the scanner do the work. 

I wasn’t the only one surprised. The business owners themselves were shocked that their company’s security could be compromised that easily.

But, the biggest fear and shock came from parents who thought they were doing the right thing to keep their children safe by placing wireless cameras in their bedrooms.

Parents told me they never thought that someone could be spy on their children or even them as they entered and left the room.

I immediately thought this could be illegal, but it’s not.  Before hitting the streets with the video monitor I contacted both state and federal authorities. Prosecutors on both levels told me there is no law banning the use of video scanners.

However, if someone abuses the use of them law enforcement officials say some laws may be violated.

So, how do you protect yourself?  Experts in the field of spying say hard wire everything.

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