Valentine's Day Answers From Philly Matchmakers

Sometimes men and women can take the whole Valentine's Day thing a bit more seriously than they should.

It ‘s a day to show a loved one how much you care, but it can sometimes become stressful.

The host of VH1’s Tough Love and CEO of, Steven Ward, as well as Christie Nightingale, founder of answered some Valentine’s Day questions many might be asking themselves this year.

How should women/men deal with being alone on Valentine’s Day?

SW: Get together with friends or find yourself a date. It’s the perfect excuse to approach anyone. You can approach a complete stranger and take the conversation down a romantic road by coming out and asking them if they’ve made any plans for Valentine’s Day yet.

CN: Singles can make the most of Valentine's Day by spending the day with loved ones or even indulging themselves with something luxurious.

CN: Valentine's Day doesn’t have to be celebrated exclusively by couples that are romantically involved. The holiday is about celebrating love and acknowledging those around us that have a significant impact on our lives. This includes celebrating the love and affection of friends, siblings, parents, grandparents... literally anyone with whom we are close with and with whom we wish to acknowledge mutual affection and support.

What are some things they could do to keep their minds off of being single?

SW: If you want to take your mind off of the fact that you’re single plan on doing something you’ve wanted to do for a while. Take the day off work and do something fun like hit up a spa, go for a hike, jump out of a plane or go shopping for something special. Make it a personal holiday to celebrate your blessings and find a way to love yourself.

How can men make the day more enjoyable for themselves and their significant other?

SW: If you’ve ever heard the expression, “It’s the thought that counts,” it’s because of days of like this. Do something thoughtful and memorable. Try to recreate a moment or commemorate it somehow such as the day you met or your first kiss or something else that was special and shared between you.

If you are in a new relationship, what is an appropriate Valentine’s Day date, activity or gift?

SW: You want to get your Valentine something appropriate for the stage of your relationship. The longer you’ve been together the more personal and intimate it should be like negligée or a personally prepared candlelit dinner at home. If you’ve just started seeing someone try to do something considerate of her likes, passions or interest. Take her ice-skating or to an indoor botanical garden like Longwood Gardens. Make it personal and memorable.

CN: The Valentine’s Day gift you choose for your significant other says a lot about how you value your relationship. This year put a little extra effort into this special day and come up with a unique Valentine’s idea such as:

1. Create your own Valentine’s Day card. Be creative and compose a poem or an expression of love that states your feelings. This will emotionally touch him/her. Follow it up with popping open a great bottle of wine or champagne!

2. Make a CD of your favorite songs as a couple including love songs that have meaning to you both. Buy some romantic CDs, classic videos or DVDs and wrap them all together with red ribbon.

3. Make a love basket filled with items that cover all the senses: sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell. Be creative with each gift that fits each category (i.e. a sexy picture of yourself for sight, delectable sweets for taste, their favorite fragrance for smell, etc).

4. The gift of togetherness is precious, given today’s busy lifestyles. Plan a romantic, surprise weekend travel getaway. Whether it is a cozy inn by the ocean or a little cabin in the woods. Make it romantic. How about booking a day at the spa?  Schedule dual massages and a day to relax and enjoy each other.

What are some things they could do to keep their minds off of being single?

SW: I’ll be appearing at the 95.7 BEN FM Mile of Meet at the Manayunk Brew Pub on Friday.

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