Utley, Rollins and Ibanez Lead All-Star Voting

Three Phillies are leading the voting in the National League for this season’s All-Star game. And two more have a pretty good shot, according to results released on Monday.

Chase Utley is not only sitting pretty with the most votes for his second base position, he has the most votes in the entire league -- 2,273,355.

Also leading the vote in their respective positions, is leftfielder Raul Ibanez with 1,897,905 votes and shortstop Jimmy Rollins with 1,216,007.

First baseman Ryan Howard is second in the voting, behind Albert Pujols who has about a million more votes than him. And centerfielder Shane Victorino is fifth with 1,116,524.

So, come on Philly, let’s make it happen, cast your vote and put five Phillies on the All-Star team!

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