Upscale Taqueria Headed to Rittenhouse

Ocean City New Jersey's Pure Tacos exploded onto the boardwalk in 2010, bringing gourmet flavors to the world of Mexican street food in a location known for deep fried Monkey Bread and funnel cakes. This fall, they're opening a Philly location on Rittenhouse Square for all of Philly to enjoy, in the former Pad Thai Shack on 18th and Moravian Streets.

"Right now, it looks as though 18th Street is going to be our new home," said David Humphrey, who owns Pure Tacos along with partner Ted Schroeder. "We'll feature the same menu we have in OC, but with a bunch of new daily specials, and we'll deliver."

Schroeder suffers from Celiac disease, so he focuses on gluten-free options for his diners, as well as those of us who go for the worst possible nutritional values. Expect Brisket, Pulled BBQ Pork, Orange-Chili Fish, Cajun Shrimp, and Seared Mushroom Tacos for the high-end stuff. There are the normal old-school versions as well, like butter-braised Achiote Chicken and the Garlic and Clove Hangar Steak, which were given big props by local critic Craig LaBan. There will be plenty of veggie options as well for the meatless set.

"Looks like late fall will be our first Philly location," said Humphrey. "And we have a few others in the works, so stay tuned." [The Feast]

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