TV Judge Bobby Flay May Be Biased

This Sunday at 8/7c, Bobby Flay premieres "America's Next Great Restaurant" on NBC. The concept welcomes civilians (as opposed to culinary professionals as is the case with Top Chef, Chopped, and Gordon Ramsay's shows) to propose a hit restaurant concept, and win over the judges (who double as investors). The moral of the story is to remove some of the glamour of the gastro world which has so dominated the limelight as of late, and to show the viewer (and the contestants) just how tough the restaurant biz actually is.

In this episode of our Sin City series— where we put famous chefs, restaurateurs and food gurus into the hot seat—we tapped into a few potential biases of Flay's. He has a weakness for cheeseburgers, ice cream sundaes and tacos—and if you can find a way to make all of that healthy, he and his fellow investors just may reach into their pockets for ya.

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