Aw Shucks, T.O. Misses Philly

Owens says he would have stayed if only...

If the Phillies' worst slump of the season has you down, here's a Monday morning pick-me-up -- T.O. still misses us. It's a warm, fuzzy kind of feeling (in case you weren't aware that omniscient, self-love types can possess a softer, introspective side).

"I do miss you guys," Owens told ESPN 950's Mike Missanelli.

Missanelli's interview with T.O. starts out talking about "The Superstars," the new reality TV show he's in. The show matches eight star athletes with eight celebrities who compete in different sporting events. Owens gets paired with Joanna Krupa, a model who made Maxim Magazine's 2009 Hot 100 list.

Amid the buff body, show-promoting stuff, Missanelli gets T.O. to reminisce.

"I had a year and a half of my best years there in Philly," says Owens, giving fans most of the credit.

"They got me psyched, they got me ready to play ball... they're fantastic, fantabulous," T.O. told Missanelli, who confessed his man-love for the Eagles' former wide receiver. 

Terrell tells Missanelli he and Donovan McNabb were good for each other, that they both made each other better players. He says there are no hard feelings between the two now. And Terrell says he would have stayed with the Eagles if they'd worked with him on a new contract.

"I wouldn't say they owed it to me, but I thought out of respect and for what I brought to the team and what I did, it would have been considered."

The best part of the interview's at the end when Missanelli gives T.O. the chance to say anything he wants to Philly or about Philly.

If you can't get enough of T.O.(now trying to make things work with the Buffalo Bills),  "The Superstars" debuts Tuesday, June 23 at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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