This Ring Is Worth a Second Look

Linda Smyth's Beast Master Ring ($235) definitely earns more than just one look. Smyth, a local jewelry designer (and owner of the now-shuttered Topstitch Boutique), created this knuckle duster as part of her Rabidfox collection of cast rings; the line is inspired by Smyth's “love of the animal kingdom and all small things endeared.”

The two-finger ring features the snarling faces of some of the animal kingdom's most fearsome feline predators. When dipped in 18-karat gold, tigers, panthers, lions, and jaguars cast a yellow glow; opt for rose gold for a subtler finish. Whichever metal you choose, one thing’s for sure: it’s a head-to-head combat as these gilded felines duel it out for ownership of your fingers. Try not to lose an appendage in the carnage.

Buy the ring online, or look for Smyth's designs at Angela Monaco's new Fishtown boutique, Concrete Polish.

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