Thieves Lasso ATMs, Drag Them Away

Two men were videotaped using a Ford pick-up truck to tow away ATMs

Two men who were videotaped using a Ford pick-up truck to tow away automatic teller machines at local businesses are wanted by Delaware State Police.

From Aug. 14 to Oct. 22, the ATM thieves have hit two restaurants and one gas station in Delaware. In the early morning hours, their method of operation has been to break the glass of the business’ front door, tie a tow strap around the ATM, and then drag the machine out of the building.

The two men successfully stole ATMs from Buffalo Wild Wings in Bear, Del., on Sept. 19, and the Shell Station on Limestone Road in Hockessin, Del. Oct. 22. They attempted to tow an ATM out of a Hooters restaurant in Newark, Del., but the machine was bolted to the ground.

The stolen ATMs are valued at $4,000 and $8,000, but the amount of money in each machine has not been disclosed.

Both men are described as white with average build and average height. One was wearing a dark jacket and jeans. The other was wearing a green jacket, tan pants, a knit hat and white gloves.

If you have any information on these thefts, call Troop 2 at (302) 834-2630.

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