The Witch American Bistro: A Look Inside Their Cauldron

Acorn squash soup ($5)
The acorn squash soup is a noteworthy item that can be found on the appetizer menu. It’s a completely sufficient elixir in these chilly final days of winter. The soup is pureed with chunks of squash, bacon to five it zing and a balsamic swirl that lends the soup a nice, tart finish.
Also Try: Granny Smith apple salad ($6) It’s a bit on the small side but the feta, fresh fruit and apple cider vinaigrette are excellent.

Surf and turf ($30)
The bistro surf and turf, which is often offered as a special, is a considerable let down. Though cheaper than most lobster/filet combinations (thus raising appeal), the dish is thoroughly bland and ill-prepared. The lobster is like rubber and the steak, which is cooked to order, is strangely tasteless, completely without spice or seasoning and lacking any sense of distinction. The whole thing comes served atop garlic mash potatoes, which were, in this case, cold.
Also skip: Almond crusted tuna ($17). It’s distinctly fishy.

The Witch American Bistro has some tasty appetizers but the entrees are sketchy. One should approach The Witch with some caution because there’s definitely some black magic being practiced in the kitchen. 

1401 E. Moyamensing Ave.
Philadelphia , PA 19147
Phone: 215-462-1200

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