Double J Open His Yap About the Eagles

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The Eagles are getting a decent amount of hype coming into this NFL season. Know who knows a thing or two about hype? You guessed it, Jerry Jones. Yes, the man who brought you party passes and built-in tips for stadium hot dogs is here to tell all you Eagles fans to not believe the hype. Here's a snippet of what Jones said, from writer Tom Mahon, who wrote it under the excellent headline "HEY JERRY JONES, SHUT YOUR MOUTH:"

That happened to us last year and I can share with them or anybody else, just because it looks good on paper doesn't mean it's going to work.

Jerry's right, of course. Being an offseason darling means nothing and, in fact, can end up being a bad omen for your upcoming season. Just ask any Washington Redskins outfit of the 2000s. When said by anyone else, this would strike you as a rather sober, logical way of tampering down the Eagles hype coming into this season. But since this is Jerry Jones, I think your first reaction is always to tell Jerry to shut his briskethole and worry about his old batch of losers in Arlington.

Besides, this 2011 Eagles squad has very little in common with the Cowboys of a year ago. That Cowboys squad had Wade Phillips at the helm and while Andy Reid has his moments, he isn't Wade Phillips. This team also has capable running backs, and most important, a functional secondary -- which last year's Cowboys were glaringly lacking.

This is Jerry Jones doing what Jerry Jones always does -- seeing the limelight shine on another team and violently trying to redirect back onto his own. No one out-hypes the master, NO ONE!

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