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Elisabeth Hasselbeck announced that she is pregnant on "The View" this morning. Elisabeth is due in August. This will be the third child for Hasselbeck and her husband, Tim.

It's been reported that Playboy has asked Jennifer Aniston to pose for the magazine. She was offered $4 million plus royalties if the issue does well (she could make up to $10 million). She turned Hef down.

U2, Rihanna, Robert Plant, Kidd Rock and Alison Krauss have joined the slew of performers for the 2009 Grammy Awards on February 8.

We reported yesterday that the rap career of Joaquin Phoenix could be a big joke that he and Casey Affleck are playing on Hollywood (and the rest of the world). Affleck's rep has denied that the Joaquin's music career is a hoax. 

More than a year after Heath Ledger's death, the lawsuit over the actor's $10 million life insurance has reached settlement. Both parties came to a confidential agreement yesterday. The lawsuit was filed by a lawyer representing Ledger's three-year old daughter Matilda after his insurance company refused to pay out claiming that his death could have been a suicide even after it was ruled an accidental overdose.  

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