The Best Veggie at New Farm + Fisherman

Chef Joshua Lawler, of the shiny, new Farm and Fisherman, has been impressing critics in the short amount of time his restaurant has been open with dishes that are being touted as "gutsy" and "intelligent." We've found lots of bright spots on the menu, but the one that's got everyone buzzing is his Bloody Beet Steak.

It looks as bright crimson and viscerally drool-worthy as a Grade A steak, but make no mistake: This is the childhood nightmare you remember re-imagined as a slab of beef.

"I roast the beet in olive oil and smash it down in the saute pan to give it the appearance of meat," said Lawler, who spent four years under the tutelage of farmist Dan Barber at Blue Hill in New York. "I use the pan drippings to baste and then finish the dish, to give it that savory flavor normally found in a steak."

Lawler takes us through the process step-by-step in the video above, so you can recreate this piece of culinary veggie genius at home. [The Feast]

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