That Guy: Reuben Harley

This week's That Guy Profile is Reuben Harley.

This week's Profile is Reuben Harley of Philadelphia, PA. Philly Fashion guru Sabir Peele tells us why Reuben  is this week's That Guy.

 What I like about this  look?

Reuben Harley is known for being behind the camera and snapping pictures of stylish people in Philadelphia for his site Street Gazing and the Philly Daily News. It’s great to see that when he’s not behind the camera he’s a stylish gent in his own right. What I love about this look is that he understands how to dress his body well. Typically, bigger guys feel more comfortable in their clothes if they are wearing extremely oversized garments (most often found wearing athletic clothing). He shows that guys with a larger stature can effectively pull off tailored casual clothes. The small details make his look stand out in terms of his pocket square and gold belt buckle.

Where could this outfit be worn?

This picture was taken of him while speaking at the panel focused around men's style in public relations at the NBC Philadelphia, 10Show! Studios. This is a great look for a casual event, casual Friday at the office or your everyday style if your job/lifestyle permits.

Where you can buy this particular look?

A navy blazer is one of the top men's wardrobe staples. Brands like Gap, J.Crew, Onassis Clothing and Frank & Oak all carry blue blazer in a variety of style and price points. If you are looking for a pocket square to spruce up your blazer, Armstrong & Wilson, The Tie Bar, Brunello Cucinelli and even Merona from Target are brands that carry them.  H&M, Clubroom, Lacoste and Banana Republic are just a few brands that carry gingham button down shirts. If you want to find a leather bag like Reuben's, brands like Logan Zane, Lotuff and Frank Clegg Leather Works are some great brands to check out.

Style Tip?

Follow Reuben's lead, guys with larger frames can put together  a tailored look, without  having to settle for athletic wear.  If you’re  having  trouble finding things off the rack that fit perfectly, it may be time to invest in a tailor. Your local dry cleaner may be a tailor and can help you nip & tuck some of your favorite pieces.


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