That Guy: Franz Schreiner

This week's That Guy's Profile is Franz Shreiner.

This week's profile is Franz Schreiner from Philadelphia. Philly fashion guru Sabir Peele tells us why Franz is this week's "That Guy."

What I like about this look?

When I spotted Franz on the street in Center City, I was impressed by the fit of his rainy day attire. When it comes to rain gear, most people will opt for an over-sized trench or rain coat.  The fit of his jacket really complements his jeans.

Where could this outfit be worn?

This is a great outfit to wear "on-the-go" especially in the rain. This look could be worn running errands, grabbing a bite to eat, or strolling in the city with your significant other. This is the perfect look for any guy who wants to be stylish and prepared for extreme weather as well.  A great perk about this jacket is that if you need to remove it for any reason, it can easily be folded and thrown into a bag.

Where can you buy this particular look?

Brands like Patagonia and H&M carry this type of pullover rain jacket all year round. For a quality pair of slim fit jeans you will want to investigate brands like APC, J.Crew and Levi's.  His sneakers are similar to canvas styles offer by brands like Vans, Lands End or Converse.

Style Tip?

Depending on how extreme the weather is, he may want to switch from a canvas sneaker to a leather boat shoe or a duck boot. This will prevent his feet from getting wet. In terms of making himself a bit more waterproof, a longer jacket may be a great option.  As you can see, both jacket and jeans are the perfect fit. Fit should not be sacrificed when purchasing outerwear.


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