That Guy: Chase Rodriguez

This week's That Guy Profile is Chase Rodriguez.

This week's profile is Chase Rodriguez of Philadelphia. Philly fashion guru Sabir Peele tells us why Chase is this week's "That Guy."

What I like about this look.

Chase has done a spectacular job at nailing the proper fit as well as understanding how to pair neutral colors. By keeping the color palette within the blue and Grey families, he’s able to add a small kick to this outfit with a bold blue sock and striped sweater. Since the fit is spot on, he’s able to add a blazer to this look and not look or feel bulky with the number of layers.

Where could this outfit be worn?

This outfit can be worn all day long and just about anywhere you plan to go that day. If you are a college student, use this look as an example of how to dress when you are headed to class. This look is also a great example of the perfect casual Friday attire for almost any office.

Where can you buy this particular look?

Brands like J.Crew, Gap and Onassis Clothing should be your go-to crew neck sweaters and sweat shirts. A pair of slim or straight fit chino should become a staple in your wardrobe. Brands like H&M, Bonobos and Dockers carry this style of chinos year round.

Style Tip?

Adding a pair of canvas sneakers to this look can make it more casual and appropriate for the spring and summer months. Not all guys will feel comfortable wearing a crew neck sweater over a button-down collar shirt, so it would be the personal preference of the wearer if they want to switch to a v-neck. When going with a slimmer fit trouser, be sure that your shirt and/or blazer is tailored-fit as well. Having both tailored will add to the consistency of your look, showing that you understand that fit shouldn't be set aside for only one of your garments.


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