That Girl: Beth Holton

This week's That Girl's Profile is Beth Holton.

This week's profile is Beth Holton from Philadelphia. Philly fashion guru Catriona Whitehead tells us why Beth is this week's "That Girl." 

What I like about this look?

This young woman’s ensemble is sporty, but completely polish. The loose fit and plain white complexion of her top, the cropped pants, and the mishmash of jewelry speaks to her easygoing nature and desire to be comfortable. Furthermore, all of these pieces are the appropriate size and fit for her. The cropped pant hugs her legs, helping to define her slender figure and keep length in her limbs. The white top is slightly sheer and hits the curves of her body, speaking towards her femininity and sensuality—a good thing to note: though her top is loose fitting, she has made sure to purchase the size that best fits her (aka doesn’t swallow her up). Lastly, by adding a chunky heel she has counteracted the shortening effect of the cropped pant and exposed a little more skin (check out the cutouts). What to take away from this—one does not always have to sacrifice comfort in the name of looking attractive.  

Where could this outfit be worn?

This outfit is quite versatile. She looks like she could go to a family picnic, pop out to dinner with friends, and then hit the club. The simplicity and classic nature of these pieces makes it possible. Because the top is white, it is not specific to a certain time of day. The same can be said for the light grey dye of the cropped pants. The cut of the top covers her bust, making it appropriate for daytime, while the manner in which it wraps across her body and dips at her neck, still makes it attractive—appropriate for nighttime.

 Where can you buy this particular look?

A classy looking loose fitted white top can be found at Forever 21, Macy’s, Nordstroms, Target,  and Yves Saint Laurent. This type of cropped pant can be found at most department stores, H & M, JCrew and Urban Outfitters.

Style tip?

My one tip for this ensemble would be to ditch the shoe—only because its season has passed. This strappy heel is more spring/summer oriented, while a suede bootie would be perfect for this time of year, and outfit. A suede bootie would still provide the same benefits as her strappy heel and would make her appear even more fashion savvy.


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