“No Comment” on Fetching Price as T.O.’s Home Finally Sells

Yes part of the reason I posted this story was to have an excuse to relive the video -- featured above -- of one of the wildest non-sports moments in sports (and exercising) history.

Terrell Owens’ New Jersey mansion -- the site of one of the most bizarre impromptu press conferences in sports history -- finally after five years on the market has been sold.

The Moorestown mansion, where in the summer of 2005 a shirtless T.O. -- sent home from Eagles training camp -- once did sit-ups and weightlifting while repeatedly repeating “no comment” to many questions thrown his way, sold after five years.

As for how much moola Owens fetched for his former home -- it looks like another “no comment.”

Realtor Melissa Rattner Young wouldn’t give any details, though, about how much the mansion that Owens bought for nearly $4 million in the spring of 2004 sold for.

Philly.com’s Insider summed up the estimated worth of the estate:

Owens bought the place -- a lavish five-bedroom, 7 1/2-bath with 7,917 square feet of living space and three-car garage by Rancocas Creek -- for $3.9 million in May 2004.

Owens initially put it on the market in October 2005 for $4.4 million.

He's been paying $37,000 a year in property taxes.

Well at least after half a decade T.O. won’t need to worry about that tax burden anymore.

So selling his home can be checked off T.O.’s bucket list. Looks like Owens won’t be able to check another item off his to-do list as his current team -- the Cincinnati “Bungles” -- are sinking fast at 2-4 in the strong AFC North and look unlikely to win the Super Bowl title that Owens so badly desires.

Oh well, at least the controversial wideout can say he is doing his part to try and help his team win. His 564 yards and 40 receptions are good enough to land him in the NFL’s Top 10 for each receiving category.

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