Taking on The Drinker's Taco Challenge

Philly's love for excessive caloric intake is the stuff of legend, but most of us have proven our mettle as marathon over-indulgers and aren't truly built for speed. The Drinker's Pub Taco Challenge, though, changes all of that by adding an element of the quick dash to our heifer-like supergrazing leanings.

Those willing to take the triple-dog dare must consume 33 tacos in under 13 minutes. You can choose between soft or hard shell, and have the option of bean, beef, or chicken as your filling for the tacos in your challenge. Each taco is $1, and if you finish them in the time allowed, your "meal" is free. But, if you don't reach the finish line, expect some indegestion, a belly full of shame and a lighter wallet.

Local mini-dynamo Lisel Parillon completed this feat at all three Drinker's locations, and has forever etched her name into the annals of eating history.

Luckily, The Feast—who is always up to an eating challenge, see clips below—was willing to suffer again for your entertainment. Hit play to see how we fared.

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