Girlfriend, Boyfriend, Masked Man and the Blackberry

A blackberry was taken from one room at the West Motel in Bear, Del. then found later by police in another room at the same motel.

Rae Bodine and her boyfriend were arguing in front of two victims inside the victim’s hotel room, police said.

During the argument, Bodine punched the female victim while the victim’s two children were also in the room.

After that, a man wearing a mask and armed with a silver handgun came into the room and told Bodine to grab the blackberry.

Bodine (blackberry in hand), her boyfriend, and the masked man fled the room.

The phone was found later by police in Bodine’s room (at the West Motel) under a mattress.

Bodine was charged with three felonies: Robbery 1st, Burglary 1st, and Conspiracy 2nd. The masked man was not found. Bodine’s boyfriend was not implicated in the incident.

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