Stella McCartney in Paris: Red Carpet Recap

Find out who was in the front row of Stella's show and what she was wearing

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When you are as big of a star as fashion designer Stella McCartney, there's just as much chatter about who's wearing what to your show, as there is about who is wearing what in your show. And for Stella McCartney's Paris fashion week show last week, this scenario was certainly the case.
Stella's dad, Paul McCartney was in the front row, as was Stella's very good gal pal Gwyneth Paltrow. Paltrow's clothing choice caught my eye -- and deserves a little red carpet discussion.
Paltrow paired a very basic (maybe Hanes?) white V-neck tee shirt with a white double breasted suit jacket. The fabric of the jacket was slightly irridescent and reminds me of a tuxedo jacket (there's a good chance this was a Stella McCartney jacket.) She wore light blue fitted jeans that tapered at the ankle with basic black stilettos. She wore her blonde hair down and very little jewelry -- all I could see was her wedding ring.
So, is Paltrow so laid back that she just threw this ensemble on? Or is there more than meets they eye, and she is offering us a snapshot for the look of the moment? I think she's dead-on, fashionly speaking, as always. Her tee-shirt-meets-couture look reminds me of the charcoal short-sleeved Gap turtleneck Sharon Stone wore to the 1996 Academy Awards. Remember that? She paired it with a Valentino skirt? Fashion historians believe this one bold move by Stone ushered in the look of mixing high/low fashion we see so often today. And Paltrow's look is an extension of mixing high and low.
Paltrow also chose a pair of jeans that remind me of what we wore to middle school in the 80s, and as we've seen across the board, the 80s are back. (Minus the big hair.) Paltrow's choice of stilettos rounded out the look and dressed up the ensemble to make it current and appropriate for a Paris fashion show.
Paltrow reminds us that mixing high/low fashion on the red carpet is one way to steal the spotlight

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