Stella, Hey Stella!

Stanley and Blanche clash once again at the Walnut Street Theater.

If your idea of getting cultured includes American cheese and VH1's Best Week Ever, you definitely need to get out more. With one single ticket, you can deepen your appreciate of the arts and support a couple of American institutions.

The famed Walnut Street Theatre turns 200 this year and to celebrate, they're bringing back the classic Tennessee Williams' play, A Streetcar Named Desire, which opens today and runs through March 1.

The sultry story of the clashing cultures of the fading Old South and the new industrial working class has attracted both theater lovers and movie buffs alike since the play opened in 1947 and the film was released four years later. If your knowledge of Williams' work is limited to an image of a young, lithe Marlon Brando in a ripped t-shirt bellowing, "Stella," up a staircase (granted, not a bad image to conjure up) why not discover what earned the playwright a Pulitzer Prize.

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