Spicy Lamb Chorizo Hoagies

Spicy Lamb Chorizo Hoagies

Recipe provided by Excecutive Chef Aram Madigian

For the Chorizo:

5              lb         Pork butt (medium ground)
5              lb         Lamb Shoulder (medium ground)

3               oz        Kosher Salt
¼              Cup         Shallots (fine chopped)
¼             Cup        Garlic
½             Cup         Sambuca
1 ½          oz         Paprika
1              oz         Cayenne
½             oz         Black Pepper
1              Bunch         Cilantro (chopped)
1 ½          oz         Cumin Powder

For the Assembly:

Hoagie Rolls

Shaved white onions

Tomato salsa “Pico De Gallo”

Fresh cilantro leaves

Fresh lime


·    Combine all ingredients and mash together by hand until well mixed
·    Form the chorizo into torpedo shapes around the skewers
·    Grill the skewers until done
·    Place in the roll and remove the skewer
·    Top with tomato salsa, shaved white onion, cilantro leaves (mayo optional)
·    Squeeze fresh lime before eating


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