Philly Attempts to Break ‘Soul Train’ Line Dance Record

Organizers hope to set record while showing that Philly has 'Soul'

Soul Train Dance Line
Getty Images

Philadelphia’s most soulful dancers -- and non-dancers for that matter -- hit the Art Museum steps Monday afternoon in an attempt to set a world record.

Philadelphians, including Mayor Michael Nutter, gathered to try and dance their way to the largest organized Soul Train Line ever.

The event, which was championed by 100.3 WRNB, was a chance for area music fans to express some Brotherly Love while also honoring the memory of Soul Train host and creator Don Cornelius, who died earlier this month.

To set the Guinness World Record at least 212 people needed to get their grove on, according to organizers.

“Considering how Philly responded to events like Live Aid, Unity Day, Million Woman March, Welcome America and our normal annual events, I thought 211 -- we can do that,” said radio host Mannwell Glenn, who hatched the dance line record idea. “It’s Soul Train and Don Cornelius. Everybody wants to get involved.”

The current record was set by a group of students at University of California, Berkeley, according to organizers.

Organizers said they already secured the fee to have the record recognized by Guinness before the event took place.

The participants gathered at the Art Museum steps around 3:30 p.m. on Monday.

According to an unofficial tally, 375 people joined the Soul Train line, more than enough to beat the record. This has not yet been confirmed by Guinness however.

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