SEPTA Slow to Get “Smart”

Surprise, surprise, SEPTA was running late again.

This time it was in the delay of the "smart card" system, according to

The deadline to submit proposals to replace tokens and paper tickets for buses, subways, trolleys and trains was originally March 17. Now after the third postponement, the latest deadline was pushed back August 18.

The idea was to have passengers wave an electronic card at a sensor to pay their fare rather than fumble with paper and coins. 

But apparently SEPTA wanted a system that can use more than just a card. A system that will allow passengers to use credit cards, prepaid SEPTA cards and/or even cell phones to pay, reported.

SEPTA wanted to initially award a contract by April, but now the contract will most likely be awarded in the fall, the agency said.

The system will cost around $100 million to implement, SEPTA said. They urged bidders to find an innovative way to pay for the overhaul, as well as think up a way for it to work.

SEPTA most recent delay was "to allow sufficient time to respond to additional questions from vendors."

Let's hope they can answer those questions.

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