The first time we ordered scrapple, we ordered it because no one at our breakfast table knew what it was.

Was it made from meat? Bread? Soy? Something else entirely?

When we Googled it upon our return home, our stomachs turned over: Scrapple is a mush made from what we can only imagine is leftover pig: pig head, pig heart, pig liver.


Reading Terminal Market will celebrate this “quintessential” Pennsylvania food Saturday, March 21, with Scrapplefest—six hours of scrapple-themed events that are sure to satisfy your hog-offal cravings.

From 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., local scrapple makers will offer samples of their products, chefs will prepare an assortment of dishes that include the food and a panel of local celebrities will judge the best scrapple dish of the market.

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