Scrapple Burgers and Coffee on Sale

The Wishing Well: The Wishing Well has flown under the radar since opening their doors, but it's not because the food isn't amazing. The Shame Burger, which has a slice of homemade scrapple on it is the star of the show. Today, you can get two for the price of one. [Eversave]

MilkBoy Coffee: When MilkBoy opened in 1994, it was a music studio, and now they're brewing some of the best coffee on the Main Line. Today a five spot gets you $10 worth of goodies. [Groupon]

Cavanaugh's River Deck: While Canavaugh's might not boast the greatest menu in town, they do have a huge deck on the river, which gives the spot huge points. To sweeten the deal, today's coupon is 50% off everything on the menu. [Groupon]

This has been the 11 AM Deal Report, our daily roundup of the best food and drink deals in the land. Got a deal you want included? Email it our way.

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