Save the Date: Soul Mates

“I want to marry my best friend!” How many times have you heard that cliché? Or maybe this one, “I just can’t imagine spending the rest of my life without him/her. We’re like two peas in a pod.” And finally, “There’s no doubt in my mind I’ve met my Soul Mate!”
Many people spend their entire lives searching for love. Some travel near and far seeking out that one individual who will ultimately make their life “complete”. But what happens when you’ve searched long and hard, yet have absolutely nothing to show for it? Is there truly only ONE person out there in the ENTIRE world who you’re DESTINED to be with?
Do I think the "Big Guy Upstairs" says this is the one and only person I’ve selected for Steph or Matt to marry and if either one misses the love boat, oh well, that's it? Absolutely not! However, I do believe that there are certain individuals out there who are better suited for particular people.
When we think about soul mates, it’s important to define the term. Let good 'ole Webster be the judge. It says a soul mate is “someone for whom you have a deep affinity.” That affinity could be a spiritual, emotional or intimate connection. If that's the case, we might meet our soul mates more than once in a lifetime. Take it from those 70 or 80-year-old seniors, who lose their mates, yet are able to satisfy that deep intimate craving for love again!
We can all find the missing puzzle piece to the jigsaw of love. It’s just a matter of being patient and realistic about how strong that connection is between you and your partner. Soul mates are out there but fate can only lead you so far. You ultimately have to be willing to step out on faith.
In terms of soul mates, I would hate to think we are these socks that were matched up early on but got separated one day, when God decided to do his laundry. Perhaps the “pair” was matched up in the dark-- One dark blue one to another black one, not realizing the mistake until it's brought to light. Then, you’re left wondering what ever happened to the other blue?
Who knows, maybe we cling to another even though there are some differences like stripes versus solids? With pants on, you can get away with it possibly making due, but are you really just settling because you’re tired of looking for the exact match?
For the hopeless romantics and those optimists who believe that eventually tucked away in the Big Guy’s house (in places you wouldn’t even think to look), perhaps in the corner curled up in a ball, your ideal mate will turn up. And the two of you will be paired up. In the end, until you are truly lost, you will never be found. If that's the case, then LOVE really does SOCK!!!

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