Save the Date: Join the Club

Another Monday feeling empty handed. The weekend has gone by and you're sitting at the office wondering why you weren't able to meet any prospects while out on the town with your friends. When are you going to learn that you'll never meet your soul mate in a BAR?! Now, we know what you are thinking, "Where in the H-E Double Hockey Sticks are you supposed to meet that special someone?" We suggest you do a little clubbing.
It's time to leave that old fashioned play book at the gate. You've got to get your head in the game. Why not try a little two-hand touch in a friendly game of flag football? Then again, take it back old-school with wiffle ball—you just might hit a home run in the relationship department.

Let Liam Wynne, Operations Manager of Manayunk Sport and Social Club, tell it: "We've actually had people meet and get married from our organization!"

However ladies, don't go expecting to find your prince charming right away. Keep in mind to be at least somewhat interested in the sport you choose. Get the bang for your buck by joining a team that isn't going to be super competitive. Remember, it's about being part of the team.
So, maybe you're not into the whole sports scene. Let Jesus be your wing-man! Step out on faith by joining a local singles ministry at church. There are dozens of congregations in the area offering fun activities for singles to get out and mingle. Fresh out of college and want something to do on Saturday night? Check out the Church of Christ Young Adults Network.

Tired of teeny boppers & looking for a more mature crowd in their 30s, 40s, or even 50s? "After 5 Club" for Jewish singles, or "Friendly Singles 50 Plus" could be the perfect solution. Widowed, divorced or over 45? You're not alone with a "Common Bond" singles group at St. John's Lutheran Church.
Point blank—be open minded! A little clubbing goes a long way.
Before I start, guys, Health Clubs do not count! That scene has long gone since the 80's. No one wants to be approached when they're all sweaty and not looking or feeling their best. Plus, notice those tiny little headphones…That might as well be a big old "Do Not Disturb" sign she's wearing. So don't even think about it. The moment you bust her Beyonce groove, she'll shuffle through you like one of her tunes in her I-Pod. Consider a different kind of Meet Market.
A cool Web site that a friend of mine (thanks Billy E) brought to my attention is You can connect with groups and people that share your same interest. You can run the gambit of various groups from art & entertainment to sport & recreation to hobbies.

For your inner nerd, there are science groups that deal with topics like robotics, inventions, and paranormal society. Hey, it's whatever floats your boat. Oh yeah, there are sailing groups, too.

So, no matter what group you choose, just get out there and get some face-to-face time, but have fun first. Don't expect a hook up right away. The bright side is, I do know of someone who recently got married in September to someone she met in a hiking group!

Something she didn't plan, but it seems nature took its course. Have fun.

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