Ryan Howard's Inside the Park

Phillies slugger Ryan Howard, known for knocking pitches out of the ballpark, will now pitch in at a park.

Howard will announce Wednesday the launch of a non-profit group called the Ryan Howard Family Foundation. The foundation, in association with the Fairmount Park Conservancy will team up to refurbish the 87-acre Hunting Park in North Philly.

The Ryan Howard Family Foundation won’t be the only foundation in the Phils' clubhouse, however. Pitcher Jamie Moyer's Moyer Foundation recently hosted a charity dinner with Phillies players as waiters and the Hamels Foundation aims to help inner-city schools and possibly build a school in Africa.

(We love the charity work, but would it kill them to be a little more creative with the names?)

In any case expect more details on the newly-formed Howard Family Foundation Wednesday.

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